What is the Neighbourhood Plan?

The Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Plan (NP) will address development needs for the Parish including Housing Provision, Environment and Character, Transport, Traffic and Parking, Sustainability, the Local Economy and Employment, and Community Infrastructure.

A Steering Group has been setup by the Parish Council. Its purpose is to conduct a dialogue with the local community to inform the Neighbourhood Plan in terms of the vision for the future of Hartley Wintney. This provides your opportunity to influence development in the Parish.

The NP is a statutory document within the planning process, has legal weighting and will run until 2032 alongside Hart’s own Local Plan (once that is in place) when determining applications for development. In light of the current planning policy vacuum resulting from the lack of a current Local Plan at Hart District Council, it has been decided that Hartley Wintney would benefit from a Neighbourhood Plan.

Can I read it? Does it exist?

Not yet, though we’re currently working on a draft. The Steering Group has already started the consultation process across the Parish to seek input to the NP. The role of the Steering Group isn’t to be the authors of the NP, rather to consult with and seek the views of the Parish in order to inform the policies of the Neighbourhood Plan. The overall plan will take around 12 months to complete and would then be subject to referendum within the village prior to adoption.

Which areas are inside the Parish?

Hartley Wintney Parish includes of Hartley Wintney Village, Phoenix Green, West Green, Dipley and extends as far Warren Heath and Yateley Heath Wood. We have maps available at the Village Festival stall, and you can download it from the Parish Council website. Note that we’re referring to the Civic Parish – the various Church or Ecclesiastical Parishes may typically have different boundaries.

So it’s about Housing?

The Plan will address a full range of development issues including Housing Provision, Environment and Character, Transport, Traffic and Parking, Sustainability, the Local Economy and Employment, and Community Infrastructure.

Where does this fit into Hart District Council’s Plans ? Why can’t we just stop new houses being built?

Planning rules work at national, district and parish levels. It seems likely that Hart will be required by National Government to build several thousand houses within its Local Plan, and that a new town is likely to be a part of this. We understand that 6 sites are under consideration (including Winchfield, Newlyns Farm and Church Crookham). None of these are within the HW Parish, and so would be outside the scope of the Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Plan.

Since Steering Group is following a statutory process we’re deliberately avoiding specific numbers here – we’re looking to explain the process, and represent the views of residents in the Neighbourhood Plan.

What is the objective of the Steering Group?

The objective of the Steering Group is to produce a vision of Hartley Wintney that will be valid between now and 2032. It will be agreed by the whole community through a referendum. We are working on the principle that no community can stand still but must evolve. Our purpose is to make recommendations for how the village should look, building on the principles of sustainability and growth.

How will the Steering Group do this?

The Steering Group will liaise and consult as widely and thoroughly as possible with residents, partners and stakeholders to ensure that the draft and final NP is representative of the views of the residents.

Who is part of the Steering Group ?

The Steering Group consists of a number of volunteers from within the Parish. We continue to look for more community involvement, so please contact us if you are interested.