The following four options were presented at the open day on July 16th 2016 (with the number of potential dwellings in each site in parenthesis) and are based on the site assessments that have been performed by the Steering Group.

However please see the additional comments for Option B towards the end of this section.

Option A: Pale Lane (490) - This very large, strategic site was notified to the group at the end of May. The developer and agents for the landowner are already very far along the consultation process with Hart and the site fits many of Harts needs. Approximately 490 of the total 700 housing units are within Hartley Wintneys Parish boundary which is why we are including the site as one of our options even though it is not one of the sites with the highest assessment score. It is an unexpected consideration but please look at it carefully and decide if you would  accept it as part of our contribution to Harts overall numbers as it could safeguard our village from future large scale demands if Hart do have to provide a significant increase in expected numbers during this Plan period.

The other options use groups of sites which together will deliver the current deficit of dwellings that are required by Hart (approximately 80)

Option B: Taplins Farm (40), Pools Yard (8), Nero Brewery (6), Turnpike Field (5), James Farm (6), Land south of Thackhams Lane (17).

Option C: Wintney Court (63), Pools Yard (8), Nero Brewery (6), Turnpike Field (5).

Option D: Grange Farm (62), Pools Yard (8), Nero Brewery (6), Turnpike Field (5).

Please note that as a result of new information from the developers/landowner received on July 23rd regarding potential house numbers Option B will no longer produce the total number of houses required. It has therefore been withdrawn and is not now included in the on line survey which has been set up for people to express their first and second choice from the above options and to provide additional comments as appropriate.

The survey will be available for use until Friday 30th September and we look forward to receiving your input.

The survey link can be accessed from here

The next Neighbourhood Plan Open Day is on the 16th July 2016. This will be an opportunity to obtain more information on the plan status and development and to provide feedback to members of the Steering Group who will be present.


It is very important that the Neighbourhood Plan represents the views of the village. Below you will see some information on why this is and how you can provide your views.

Do you have any questions on the Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Plan that is being developed for the village?

Members of the  Steering Group will be present in the Parish Council stand at the Village Festival on Saturday to help with this and provide information on the current status of the Plan development.

This is a reminder to landowners or agents that the last date that sites can be proposed for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan is 31st May 2016. Therefore if you wish to nominate a site this must be done prior to that date by either informing the Parish Council or sending an email to the Steering Group using the Contact Us link above