Part of the development of a Neighbourhood Plan is to ensure that it represents the views of the community. To help with this we have performed three sets of open days earlier in 2015 with a further open day that was held on March 12th 2016. Each of the first two open days gave village residents the opportunity to provide feedback via questionnaires that could either be provided on-line or manually. The last 2 open days have been to provide information on the development of the Plan and in particular on the the sites that have been proposed by the site owners for potential development. The results of each of the open days is available by clicking on the specific links below

Open Day Participation

Public Consultation 1 - These are the results of the first open days held on the 9th and 10th January 2015

Public Consultation 2 - These are the results of the second open days held on the 13th and 14th March 2015

Public Consultation 3 - 7th November 2015

Public Consultation 4 - 12th March 2016

- Wintney Court Estate Proposal

- Assessment of Proposed Sites

- Overall scoring of Proposed Sites.

Note re the above scoring.Each site has received a score against each criteria used in the assessment. The score can be from -3 to +3 depending on how closely the criteria has been met. A weighting has been given to some of the assessment criteria where it is felt that differentiation against other criteria is needed. Therefore where a weighting of 2 is used the score against a particular criteria can range from -6 to +6. Overall the total of all scores for each site has been calculated and the sites are shown in descending score sequence. Therefore the higher the total score is the more favourable the site is considered to be against the criteria developed from the feedback given by the community in the earlier public consultations.

Public Consultation 5 - 16th July 2016

This day was devoted to giving the community an update on the progress of the plan and a set of 4 options that could be considered and prioritised into a first and second choice. In preparation of this over 1700 leaflets advertising the Neighbourhood Plan and this event were delivered to houses in the village.

The detailed options can be viewed from the site assessment section of this web site and a survey monkey to indicate option preferences is available by clicking here

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 Public Consultation 6 - 20th January 2018

The form for providing comments can be downloaded from here