A Parish map showing proposed sites can be viewed here

Site Assessments - Final versions can be viewed here

Following the call to sites that was made to local landowners in December 2014 a number of sites were put forward for potential inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan. These are now on Hart's Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment List, commonly known as the SHLAA. Hart carries out an assessment of these sites to determine suitability for development using an independent assessor. An assessment is also carried out by the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Steering Group using criteria based on the findings of the questionnaires from the Drop-In Days held in January, March and November of this year. The NP criteria therefore truly reflect the concerns of the local community. These criteria can be viewed by selecting the link below.

On the 19th July open day a number of options were presented for the community to review and provide feedback to help with the selection of sites for inclusion in the final Neighbourhood Plan. The detailed assessments of all sites as presented is given below together with the options as proposed and an on line survey has been set up for people to express their first and second choices from the proposed options and to provide additional comments as appropriate. Please note however that as a result of new information from the developers/landowner received on July 23rd regarding potential house numbers Option B will no longer produce the total number of houses required. It has therefore been withdrawn and is not now included in the on line survey.

1st November 2016 - The results of the survey can be found here

Site Assessments - July 2016. All sites

Site Assessments - July 2016. Option A.

This option covers a new site - Pale Lane (also referred to as Elvetham Chase) which is close to the Elvethan Heath development and sits between the M3 motorway and railway line and which has a significant amount of the potential development in Hartley Wintney. It can be viewed here

Site Assessments - July 2016. Option B This option has now been withdrawn from the proposal as per the note above

Site Assessments - July 2016. Option C

This option includes Wintney Court. A plan for this site can be viewed here

Site Assessments - July 2016. Option D

This option includes Grange Farm. A plan for this site can be viewed here

Site Assessments - July 2016. Other sites not included in above options

An overview of the site assessments and options for development process can be seen by using this link

Call For Sites Request

Site Selection Criteria

Site Assessments - April 2016

Note In April 3 additional sites were added to the sites being evaluated based on further input from the landowner or Hart District Council

Site Assessments - April 2016 Overall Scores

Should you have any comments or questions related to the site assessments they should in the first instance be emailed to the Steering Group at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SHLAA Updated Summary - April 2016

Parish Map showing proposed sites - updated July 2016

Site Assessments - March 2016

Site Assessments - March 2016 Overall Scores