Hartley Wintney Referendum Result – 91.6% say YES!

It was with immense pleasure and modest pride that I was invited to attend the Referendum count at 10am on October 8th at Hart’s council offices - the morning after the polling. If it didn’t quite have the rather more frenetic atmosphere one sees on television at a general election, nonetheless, it was difficult not to be impressed with the understated efficiency of what was going on around me. Bear in mind three counts were in progress – us, Fleet and Hook.

On a more human level, it did seem to be a bit of a ‘sweets fest’ for many around the room!

The first critical point was the number of votes. If I had had a notional target it would have been a 1000, and we came in at 1178 – 25% of those eligible to vote – a good start! Just under an hour later our figures were the first to be announced:







Spoilt Papers


My immediate sense was of a job well done and just reward for the immense efforts of the Steering Group in getting us to this point. As they say in award ceremonies it couldn’t have been done without you – the community, our advisors, the Parish Council and Hart officials.

If I had a lingering question afterwards, it would be why 99 people voted ‘No”. This may well have been down to the looming cloud of Shapley Heath which was - as a matter of fact - outside the remit of the Neighbourhood Plan process.

The final step now lies with Hart District Council who have to confirm the Plan is ‘made’ which I envisage happening at their next appropriate meeting. Going forward the Parish Council will keep a watching brief on issues which may affect the Plan and support it as appropriate when considering Planning Applications.

If it was a film, as far as the Steering Group is concerned, it would be a setting sun, a glass of something suitable and appropriate mood music – in fact I’ll ask them what they would like the music to be!

Chris Farrance

Chairman Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group