Our Neighbourhood Plan

As life gets back into routine after the holiday season we are tackling the next stage of this project with renewed vigour! It was good to meet so many of you who came to the display at Culture on the Common and very encouraging that your enthusiasm is, if anything, growing. Hence the change of name to Our plan rather than The plan - it shows the sense of ownership within the community.

Work is in progress to sharpen up the Vision and to take on board the feedback we have been getting. This also applies to the early stages of the Objectives, where we will be asking some more specific Questions about how you would like our community to develop. We do need more specific detail to feedback and comments about your feelings for and about Hartley Wintney and what makes it special. Generalised statements like ‘keep the environment the same’ or ‘don't spoil things’ won’t cut it with a Planning Inspector - we need you to say exactly what, why, where etc.

A detailed look at proposed sites for development is underway and then we can present the results to you, after which you will be asked to rate them in order of preference. We are still working on the guidance given by Hart about numbers and hope that it will remain the same. If that stays the case the community is looking at finding room for approximately 75 new houses.

Meanwhile work is also being done on a survey of businesses in the village and how to engage young people and young families. Their decisions about why they chose to live here and whether they are likely to stay here are very important to give a more rounded overview.

We would welcome any comments and suggestions about all these topics which can be sent to the site below. If you responded to a request to contact Sue Hawkins at her website, would you be kind enough to resend to this new site as, following her unfortunate passing, we have lost any messages.

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