It was good to have a steady stream of visitors to the second drop in days and we have also been pleased to receive messages from people who weren't able to attend. Our youngest visitor was 4 months old so she is obviously keen to see her community develop as she would like it!

I would like to remind you all that this is your chance to have an input into how Hartley Wintney will appear in the future. Although we can’t pick and choose exactly where development will go, your opinions will shape how it will happen. As a result of calls for sites to be put forward there will be an assessment of their suitability by planners at Hart and then you will have a chance to say which particular sites you think are acceptable and how you would hope to see them progress.

There will be assessments of the environment and aspects of growth in the village. Working groups will consider the impact on issues such as traffic, parking, statutory elements like education and health, recreational matters, employment opportunities and, finally, how all of these things can fit together to become an acceptable community to take forward.

You really do have a chance to shape your village as the more people who respond, the greater the likelihood that our Plan will be accepted and become a Planning document not just a wish list.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next stages and come and see us at the Village Festival for a more detailed progress report.

Janet Martin   (tel. 843361)
Steering Group
Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Plan