It is some time since there has been an update to give you but that doesn’t mean that work has stalled. We had a 2 week break at Christmas but are up to speed again now. The consultation in the autumn which resulted in the site selection decision – posted on line so  that the community was informed  - meant that the final document could be prepared. This means adding all the technical details, preparing the right maps, sourcing photos to illustrate all aspects of the community and double checking everything.

Our technical advisor has been doing as much as possible to compare with other NPs which have been accepted nationally so that we can be comfortable that we are not doing anything unacceptable to the Planning Inspectorate. We hope to put a final draft to the Parish Council in late March for them to assess as document which can be submitted to Hart who, if they also accept it, will undertake statutory examinations before it goes to the Inspectorate.

When all these hoops have been jumped through it comes back to you, the community for referendum.
Simple it certainly isn’t but , as usual, meeting notes and further information will continue to be published on this website.

Janet Martin.