As I write we are in a sort of state of purdah as we review the feedback from the six-week consultation which ended mid-February. This feedback (labelled Regulation 14) is evidence of the formal consultation that the Parish Council has undertaken before submitting the final Neighbourhood Plan to Hart District Council for examination.

Hart District Council will then undertake a further formal consultation called Regulation 16. At this point, all the documents will again be available for comment both by the community, key stakeholders and statutory consultees.

Therefore, if anyone believes there is something in the final Neighbourhood Plan that still requires further consideration, this will be looked at when the plan goes forward for its formal examination. If the examiner believes there should have been a different response, then amendments to the Plan can be mandated.

Given its complexity and scope, present timelines suggest the final documentation for submission to Hart will be available for sign off by the Parish Council at their July meeting.

Chris Farrance
Steering Group Chairman
3rd April 2018