Just as we felt the Plan was gaining momentum - having completed the six-week Regulation 14 consultation - the light at the end of the tunnel was turned off!

Despite having had previous notice of the brownfield sites selected (Pools Yard, Nero Brewery & James Farm), at this late stage Hart District Council raised objections to all three of them. Pools Yard and Nero Brewery were challenged because of the potential risk of flooding based on mapping by the Environment Agency - which confounded those familiar with the history of the village.

As you can imagine, this was a major body blow. A number of options are now being considered but the first step is an urgent meeting with the District Council to better understand their frame of reference - and mindset as well.

A prevailing concern for the Steering Group is the need to continue to respect and reflect the feedback we received from the widespread consultation with the community.

Chris Farrance


Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group