The light at the end of the tunnel has started to glimmer again and there is now a reasonable chance that the Plan, which we consulted on, can now go forward with the three sites and 23 dwellings.


Two events have caused this optimism. Firstly, a very helpful meeting with Daryl Phillips, Chief Executive at Hart, who has offered to have the plan informally examined to see if it would still be viable even if the three sites that they have been unable to support were withdrawn at examination. This would mean that at least we would have a plan in place, although it would not be as strong as one with sites included but would mean that the sterling work of the Steering Group to date would not have been in vain.


Somewhat more promising is that the developers of Pools Yard have been tussling with the Environment Agency and are hopeful that the Flood Zone categorisation can be moved from 3 to 2 which would allow development there and would also include Nero's Brewery. The “Ts” have yet to be crossed but if that was the case then our plan would be intact.


Needless to say, that would be very welcome!


Chris Farrance


Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group