We are proceeding with the Parish Council’s approval, on the assumption that the flood risk applying to Pools Yard and Nero Brewery will be satisfactorily resolved ahead of formal submission of our Plan for examination.

Those of you who are familiar with the trials and tribulations we have faced getting to this stage, will not be surprised to learn that there is now another fly in the ointment. As a result of a recent EU court judgement, we are now required to carry out a Habitat Environmental Assessment despite having successfully by-passed it – legitimately of course – at the Regulation 14 consultation stage.

This will prevent us moving on for some weeks but is not thought to be critical in any other sense. In the meantime, we are hoping, fingers crossed, that the sky does not fall in!

It is worth noting that there have been no direct costs to the Parish Council as the work done outside the Steering Group has been covered by Government grants. If we were to cost the time spent by the volunteer Steering Group, then I suspect that would equate to a very nice lottery win!

Chris Farrance

Chairman, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group