It was good to have a steady stream of visitors to the second drop in days and we have also been pleased to receive messages from people who weren't able to attend. Our youngest visitor was 4 months old so she is obviously keen to see her community develop as she would like it!

The steering group would like to give a brief update to keep the community in the loop after all the useful responses that we received as replies to the questionnaire/on line survey. You were generous with your opinions and we are now analysing them to steer the next, more detailed, step of the overall survey. The overriding feeling coming through is that the majority of you want to see the character of the village maintained but we will need you to define what is understood by “character” - so look forward to a more in depth question or two about that!

A big thank you to all those who came to the Drop-in Days at the beginning of January. We were really encouraged by the response and thank you to all those who responded to the questionnaire either by completing the questionnaire on the day, subsequently or by online survey. I think that the residents of Hartley Wintney are now much more aware of the importance of our Neighbourhood Plan in the current planning and economic climate and it is good to know and understand the issues which people consider to be of importance.