Here are our overall objectives

The following Objectives have been agreed for the Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Plan. They are based on resident feedback from the open days that have taken place during the development of the Plan together with paper and on-line surveys submitted by village residents to reflect the views of the community. They have also been presented during the Parish Council Culture on the Common events held in 2015  and 2016.



                      AIM: To provide a range of high quality and affordable homes that meets the needs of local people and current and future residents

  1. Provide for at least 81 new dwellings between 2016 and 2032 in accordance with Hart District Council’s SHMA

  2. Ensure a maximum of 50 dwellings on any single development.

  3. Ensure that new developments include a mix of housing to meet the needs of both local people and those wishing to move to Hartley Wintney in terms of design and affordability

  4. Include traditional and local building styles and materials

  5. Include green spaces and gardens within new settlements

  6. Ensure adequate off road parking is available as part of all new developments

Note: Of the total 400 new dwellings currently required from Hart District Council 319 have already been completed or are in progress (August 2015). Please note that this total may be subjected to revision once Hart District Council has completed its local plan.


          AIM: To preserve, safeguard and enhance the distinctive landscape and characteristics of Hartley Wintney

  1. Preserve traditional styles and scale of shop fronts and respect the scale of the existing street scene

  2. Protect and maintain existing green spaces and heritage assets deemed to be of value to the community

  3. Protect the existing quality of landscape by including local materials in the landscaping of new development

  4. Maintain green gaps to preserve Hartley Wintney's identity and safeguard against coalescence with Hartley Wintney's closest neighbouring settlements

  5. Safeguard the village Conservation areas and listed buildings


       AIM: To improve accessibility and connectivity to promote sustainability and safety
  1. Improve traffic management through the village to improve overall safety and environmental impact

  2. Maintain and extend cycle paths, footpaths and pavements to ensure there is safe pedestrian and cycle access to the village centre and surrounding neighbourhoods

  3. Seek developer contribution to improve community transport



AIM: To promote Hartley Wintney as a place to visit


  1. Protect the use of existing commercial premises and avoid change of use

  2. Provide local employment opportunities to minimise the need to commute out of Hartley Wintney

  3. Revitalise the eastern end of the High Street through developer contribution to improved pavements and lighting



       AIM: to sustain Hartley Wintney as a place to live and prosper in

  1. Maintain and enhance or expand community leisure facilities



During the course of the development of the Neighbourhood Plan a number of other requirements were identified as being necessary to maintain the competitiveness and governance of Hartley Wintney in the future.

It is accepted that these are outside of the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan but as they have been mentioned many times by the community they clearly have an importance that is felt should be documented for the community to see.

  • Be an early adopter and implementer of new telecommunications technology and energy conservation national policies

  • Work with transport providers to improve public services in particular to neighbouring towns and hospitals

  • Address the issue of local business and retail employees’ parking

  • Improve car park signage in the village

  • Continue to support and expand provision and use of the community bus service

  • Represent Parish views in relation to current and future use of land at Blackbushe Airport